Hrbek Daniel

Director, actor and teacher

Hrbek represents the modern bourgeois drama. As his dramaturgy is based on contemporary intelligent tabloid press, stage adaptations are based on acting. He specializes in art management.

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His early theatre years are linked to the Šumperk Theatre and Moravian Theatre Olomouc, where he worked as an actor. When he studied at DAMU in the third year, he got a contract in the Theatre on the Balustrade. Then he left for the V Celetné Theatre, where he and his classmates founded the student theatre association CD 94. He was the art director, actor, director, author and co-writer of theatre texts. In 1999, he won the audition for the Labyrinth Theatre (now Švandovo Theatre in Smíchov). Together with architect David Vávra, he performed a successful reconstruction of the theatre and he has worked there since. He has staged comedies The Boss of It All, The Art of Negative Thinking, a text about holocaust Shoah, or his adaptation of the novel Krakatit. He had a guest performance of The Good and the True in the DR2 Theatre at Off Broadway in New York.

He graduated from acting and directing at DAMU and he received his PhD degree at the Department of Theory and Criticism. He is currently the director of the Švandovo Theatre and the teacher at DAMU.

“The Švandovo Theatre in Prague put the comedy by Danish filmmaker to the test. The result of the adaptation of The Boss of It All is a functional situation comedy with a surprising point. Moreover, the setting is more than familiar for many viewers: the unified offices of a company, which virtually always exploits employees’ loyalty and abounds in meetings where nothing is ever solved.”
Kateřina Kočičková, iDNES