Vagnerová Lenka


Lenka Vagnerová enriches the contemporary Czech dance scene with originally interpreted inspiration she develops in the genre of dance theatre. Her choreographies are characterized by the combination of sensuous physical virtuosity and grotesque motion stylization, which is based on situational logic and characters. Her production is successful with audiences due to a clear dramatic structure.

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Lenka graduated from modern dance teaching at HAMU in Prague. As a dancer, she has excelled in the projects by DOT504, Cirk La Putyka, Claude Brumachon-Benjamin Lamarche CCNN in Nantes, Bratislava Dance Theatre, Torzo Ballet. She has worked with choreographers Liz King, Veronika Riz, Barbora Kryslová-Greiner, Jan Kodet, Jozef Fruček, Akram Khan – she performed at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in London in 2012. She worked as a choreographer with Norrdans company.

In 2012, she founded Lenka Vagnerová & Company, and created several successful choreographies, e.g. Gossip (2015), The Lešany Crib (2016), Amazones (2017).

Among the most recent productions is Panoptikum (Freakshows), created in 2019. This piece is inspired by a historical phenomenon of showcasing strange individuals but drawing connotations with present times. Presented as a picturesque noir piece, strong in its visuals, blending circus, pantomimes and performers of different styles. Panoptikum won the Divadelní noviny prize for the 2019/2020 season for best dance and movement theatre piece.

In 2020, Vagnerová gave opportunity for creation to some of her collaborators and mentored an evening of four choreographic pieces by Barbora Nechanická, Fanny Barrouquére, Monika Částková and Andrea Opavská with Michal Heriban, entitled The Land of Tears.

Her most recent project is dance film Dark horse, a reimagined film version of her choreographic piece, featuring Fanny Barrouquére, directed by Tomáš Polák and mentored by David Hinton. The film premiered online in February 2021.

Lenka has been nominated for the Thalia Award three times as a dancer (2003, 2005 a 2010), she was announced the Dance Personality of 2003 (Nokia Dance Award) and she was the Dancer of the Year 2005 (Czech Dance Platform).

“It is amazing how she works with dancers in each new project. She does not make the viewers relax, she can draw them in the game and fascinate both parties – dancers and onlookers – in dynamic dance scenes.”
(Marcela Benoniová, Taneční aktuality, 2015)