Čechová Miřenka

Miřenka Čechová is currently one of the most distinctive representatives of dance and physical theatre in the Czech Republic and abroad.

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After she graduated at the Dance Conservatory in Prague in classical ballet, in parallel she was graduated from DAMU (alternative theatre) and HAMU (non-verbal theatre), where she received the PhD degree in directing of physical and mimic theatre. She received the prestigious Fullbright Scholarship for research and teaching activities at American University in Washington, DC.

She has performed in more than 18 productions and many of them, mostly authorial performances, have received significant foreign awards, such as S/He is Nancy Joe (The Best of Contemporary Dance 2012 by Washington Post, Herald Angel Award at the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh), The Voice of Anne Frank (Best of Overseas Production at International Arts Festival in South Africa, Outstanding Performance Award at the Fringe Festival in Prague, Best of Fringe at Fringe Festival in Amsterdam), Antiwords (Theatre Newspaper Award, Next Wave Festival Award, Skupa’s Plzeň Award), and many others. As a director and choreographer, she has created more than ten productions often made in foreign co-productions, such as Prawns á la Indigo (supported by the residence at Brollin Schlos in Germany), FAiTH (supported by the residence at Atlas Performing Art Center in Washington, DC), The Opening (produced by New Music Theater in Washington, DC), and Lessons of Touch together with Jiří Bartovanec, Vivisectic (at Center for Performance Research in Brooklyn and at Gibney Dance, New York). She has recently directed the opera production of Opera and the French Revolution as she was approached by the American baroque orchestra Opera Lafayette and it has been staged in Rose Theatre Lincoln Center in New York and in Lisner Auditorium in Washington, DC.

She is the co-founder of two theatre companies Spitfire Company, Tantehorse and the international festival of Zero Point.

Miřenka also published two novels. After her book Miss America, she published in 2020 a novel „Ballet Dancers“, a fictional story drawing inspiration from her classical dance studies.

One of her most recent projects is a documentary autobiographical series Invisible I./Hannah. The first part of the planned trilogy premiered in 2020, dealing with the fate of women artists sentenced to disappearance, focusing on Hana Frejková, whose father was executed in a trial with Slánský.

"Miřenka is a wonder, an artist in permanent work in progress, careless, intuitive and energetic extrovert."
(Jana Návratová, Taneční aktuality, 2017)