Hůlová Petra

Prose writer and playwright.

One of the most distinctive Czech prose writers, who made their debut after 2000 and uses the brilliant language to provocatively and frankly examine the borders, conventions, stereotypes and taboos in all their forms.

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Petra Hůlová made her debut in 2002 with her novel All This Belongs To Me, the novels and novellas Through Frosted Glass, Circus Les Mémoires, The Plastic Three-Room Apartment, Taiga Station, Guardians of Civil Good, Bohemia, the Promised Land and Macocha; her books have been translated in many foreign languages (English, German, Italian, Polish, Bulgarian, Swedish, Romanian, and others).

The novella The Plastic Three-Room Apartment, the monologue of the ageing prostitute, was adapted by Viktorie Čermáková in 2007 as Czech Pornography for the Továrna Theatre Studio (the play was also published as an audio book). In 2016, Hůlová adapted Ian McEwan’s The Cement Garden for the Švandovo Theatre in Prague (directed by Dodo Gombár), she also wrote a self-reflective text about intellectual elites and Czech identity The Cell Number (2016) for the joint project of the Hrdinů Studio and the Prague German Language Theatre Festival (directors Jan Horák and Michal Pěchouček); the play was also published as a book, including its German version (Zelle Numer). The novella Macocha, the dissection of the position of contemporary women, was staged in cooperation with Hrdinů Studio and HaDivadlo in Brno (2017, co-author and director Kamila Polívková).

Petra Hůlová graduated from the Faculty of Arts, Charles University in Prague (Mongolian and cultural studies). Apart from her own books, she is occasionally engaged in translating from Slovak (a short story from Roger Krowiak, Peter Krištúfek’s extensive novel The House of the Deaf Man), her texts have been published in Souvislosti, Literary Newspaper, Babylon, Week and regularly in one of the Respekt’s columns.

Petra Hůlová is the laureate of the Lidové noviny Book of the Year survey (2002, All This Belongs To Me, Magnesia Litera (2003, All This Belongs To Me), Jiří Orten Award (2007, The Plastic Three-Room Apartment) and Josef Škvorecký Award (2008, Taiga Station).