Playwright, puppeteer, prose writer, poet, visual artist, lyrics writer, composer etc.

The provocative commentator on the social, artistic and spiritual state of the world turned into an institution. His production resists a clear categorization in art forms.

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S.d.CH., real name Miloslav Vojtíšek, is the author of theatre and radio plays, and a puppeteer. In the 1980s, he co-founded the literary group the Barrandov Four, he ran the theatre company Miloš and Matěj, and Natural Theatre. He now runs the Varlén Dramatic Course (originally the Varlén Puppet Course). He has written the plays The Stag Moat, Theatrical Brno, Literary-operational Trilogy, The Judgement of Paris in Brno, Humane Human’s Catholic Dream, The Literary Art of Exhumation, The Phantom of Morgal, Perfection, The Last Goose or Seclusion in Slovan and Spiritual Death in Venice, which have been positively acknowledged; they have been staged in the Goose on the String Theatre, National Theatre in Brno – Reduta, Dejvice Theatre in Prague or Perla multicultural center in Vrané nad Vltavou and The Horse Hospital in London (2015, Spiritual Death in Venice), many of them have been published as a book. The Czech Radio has broadcast his plays The Last Match out of All Safety Matches, For Pluck, or Inspection or the Torch without a Number. He published his texts in A2 (the regular column The Idiot Is Breathing), Artist, World and Theatre. He publishes the books in Divus publishing house (The Cold Wave, The Emergency Imitatio Christi - later also in English, Saving Europe from the Window of de Paris Hotel in Cromer, 2084) and Rubato publishing house (Secondary Trilogy, Our World or The Atlas of Capitalism – together with R. Rops-Tůma), he founded the edition of Creatura Culina Slach, in which he publishes texts by other authors and his own ones. He has had independent exhibitions of his cartoon collages and other works in Divus Prager Kabaret gallery, Moravian Gallery in Brno or in Lodon (Divus London). He has played in bands Neslyšeli Zarathustru Orchestra, Periferie 42 and Ruce naší Dory (front man, lyrics writer, playing guitar).

S.d.CH. is the laureate of the Alfréd Radok Award (2013, Seclusion in Slovan; 2014, Spiritual Death in Venice) and Muriel cartoon Awards (2013, Varlén no. 7. 8. 9. or Diaries of Common Anxiety).