Gombár Dodo

Director, playwright

Gombár chooses the fresh theatre plays he places on the thin border between reality and dream – in this respect, he is very close to magic realism. Music in his productions is always interesting as well.

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During his studies, he stayed in Circle in The Square, Theater School on Broadway in New York for one year. After the end of his studies, he became the regular director and art director of the Chamber Theatre in Martin for two seasons. He staged 13 productions, e.g. The Seagull, The Štúr Generation – the Story of the Bigbeat Legend, The Dog’s Heart. Since 2000, he had been a freelancer in many European theatres (Italy, Hungary), including Czech and Slovak theatres. He worked in the Municipal Theatre Zlín from 2006 to 2010, where he staged the plays Faust, Master and Margarita, or the adaptation of the novel The Goddesses of Žítková, as a guest director. In 2010, he became the art director of the Švandovo Theatre and has staged productions of Merlin, Crash by a Brook, Country Indifference. He has worked as guest director in many other theatres. Gombár is also a renowned author. In 2011, he finished shooting the movie Smíchov Is Crying, Brooklyn Is Sleeping (scriptwriter, director). His play Between Heaven and Her has become internationally acknowledged.

He graduated from the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava, he is currently the art director at the Švandovo Theatre in Prague.

Apart from numerous awards for the performances most successful with the viewers, he has also received the Alfréd Radok Award for the play Hugo Karas, his text The Third Age was also shortlisted for the final round. His play Money won the Aura Pont competition for the best theatre play.

“Gombár’s The Goddesses of Žítková are virtually a theatre documentary, but they are also a rare example of illustration that magic realism has left a significant trace in the Czech Republic as well, [...] “
J. P. Kříž, Novinky.cz