Frič Jan


Jan Frič is characterized by a typically radical interpretation of the text, in which he often quotes pop culture and employs postmodern references. He inclines towards stage weirdness, nonsense and gag. His works reflect the 1990s aesthetics.

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Even Frič’s school works excelled, especially the graduation productions of the Ice Tip / Kaltes Land and the project Male Affairs. He has been a guest director in theatres in the Czech Republic, where he created many productions widely discussed by the critics. In the Klicpera Theatre, he staged Pied Piper, then Shams, Cocaine and Bricolage and Executors, the cycle of disco cabarets House of Love and Jaroslav Hašek’s cheerful biography Cabaret Hašek, the productions of Oginsky Polonaise, Tartuffe Games, Little Orestes, The Cherry Orchard and especially Velvet Havel and Óm as in Oblomov at the Theatre on the Balustrade, Ghosts, November and others in the Municipal Theatre Kladno.

He did not finish his studies at DAMU, he is currently a full-time director of the National Theatre Drama in Prague.

The production Velvet Havel at the Theatre on the Balustrade received awards in all the categories of the Theatre Critics’ Award in 2014 (the Best Play of the Year as well).

“Jan Frič is a noteworthy director, who uses classic and contemporary texts to build his own colorful castles. These are not only autotelic plays. They actually create an original space, where the experience of those who spent their childhood in the 1990s meet in the kitsch and pop-culture references. Using a hyperbole, as he has been dealing with the whole thing thoroughly for a long time, he can be pronounced the only director of the emerging theatre generation.”
Vojtěch Varyš, Týden