Mikulášek Jan

Director, scenic music composer, teacher

He creates impressive stylized images, his aesthetics is characterized by extensive imagination, many metaphors, playing with the meaning of dialogues, contexts, associations to a selected topics, declared theatricality he uses to disrupt the reality or unified genres in staged texts, multiplication of characters on the stage, using the film editing as well as recent fragmented forms of sketches and gradual resignation regarding the text.

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In 2001, he was appointed the artistic director of Polárka Theatre; his dramatization of Stevenson’s The Suicide Club and Dario Fo’s Archangels Do Not Play Billiard. He was later invited to the NDM in Ostrava, where he staged Caligula (2003), then Hedda Gabler or Oedipus. In 2005-2008, he was the art director of the Petr Bezruč Theatre in Ostrava; he staged Three Sisters, Wild Duck and the adaptation of Eugene Onegin, Nineteen Eighty-Four and The Wuthering Heights. As a regular director of the National Theatre in Brno, he staged V+W: The Letters (2013), Golden Sixties (2013), Hamlets (2015), Hedonists (2014), or Woodcutters (2018), Personas (2018), Hello Universe! (2021), or Lost Illusions (2021) at the Theatre on the Balustrade. He also works with the National Theatre in Prague. This was the place for the productions The Cremator (2016), Marysha (2017), Nightwork (2019) and I am a Country (2020). He has worked with the Goose on the String Theatre for a long time, with his productions of Hamlet (2009), the Cherry Orchard (2012) and Don Quixote (2019).

He did not finish his studies at JAMU in Brno, he is currently the regular director of the Theatre on the Balustrade and teaches at the Department of the Alternative Theatre at DAMU.

He received the Alfréd Radok Award 2013 for the production of Golden Sixties as the Best Production. The productions of Eugene Onegin, V+W: The Letters and Woodcutters were awarded the Czech Literary Fund Foundation. His production Woodcutters received the Theatre Newspaper Award in drama theatre and Marek Cpin got the Theatre Critics‘ Award for the best stage design 2018.

“Director Jan Mikulášek has fascinated with breathtaking and carefully developer images, he has stupefied his audiences with visual ideas and original work with music, highly stylized acting, and ironic and intellectually stimulating variations on classic writings and fundamental topics. Yet his productions never lacked emotions, and he has been on the verge of kitch (or emotions) on some occasions.”
Vojtěch Varyš. (Divadelni-noviny.cz)