Němeček Dáda

Stage and light designer, creator of video projections

Stage and light designer Dáda Němeček has created several dozens of stage designs for theatre performances of various genres. He often works with director Petr Forman or Jiří Havelka. His stage designs can be distinguished by working with light he uses to complete the sets and to evoke befitting atmosphere.

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Dáda Němeček’s stage designs could be seen in the projects of Forman Brothers’ Theatre as he did stage design for the production of Obsessed by Playing (Mystery Boat, 2012) and together with Petr Forman, he created a scenographic concept of the Enchantia opera (National Theatre, 2012). Anna Poláčková wrote about his work on the production the following words:

“The factor playing the essential role in the production is light [...] as it may be illustrated on the scenes taking place in lower mythology where lights help create the feeling of mystery and danger. A smoke-maker is very often used in these scenes as it underlines the impression combined with lighting. The light also plays an essential role in scenes with mermaids, in which it helps complete the underwater world.” [1]

Dáda Němeček works with director Jiří Havelka most frequently. Their work has been staged in HaDivadlo in Brno (Indian in Danger (The New Space Theory), 2008) and in theatres in Prague: Theatre on the Balustrade (Beautiful Typewriters!, 2016, Ubu Has Fun, 2010), Ypsilon Studio (1203 or I am not Sad, 2002, Nothing Can Stop Us, 2004, Where the Wind Is, There’s His Beach, 2008), Dejvice Theatre (Black Hole, 2007, Wanted Welzl, 2011, The Murder of Gonzago, 2017), VerTeDance (Correction, 2014), Losers Cirque Company (Beach Boy(s), 2016) or La Fabrika (The Froth of the Daydream, 2012). Judita Hoffmanová writes about the production mentioned as last:

“Jiří Havelka has decided to narrate the story using the visual factor: projection-based scenography as well as costly and functionally over-stylized costumes designed by Ha Than Nguyen. Stage designer Dáda Němeček used all the space of the back drop as a couch – a decoration for sitting as well as screenings of projections: colorful motives to illustrate the atmosphere and demonstration of interiors and exteriors (a church where the wedding of Colin and Chloe takes place).” [2]


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[2] Between Heartsnatcher and The Froth of the Daydream, 10th March 2013. available at: http://artikl.org/divadelni/mezi-srdcervacem-a-penou-dni