Stojčevski Dragan

Stage designer

Dragan Stojčevski’s work is characterized by a complex approach to the artistic concept: in his interpretation, stage and costume design make a one compact unit, the visual part of the whole production, which often makes an impression of being the strongest element of the final form.

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Apart from stage design for theatre, Stojčevski is engaged in creating installations, site-specific projects and art interventions in public space, usually in association with the Mamapapa group touring the Czech Republic and abroad. The locations for his site-specific projects have become various archeological sites, museums, abandoned industrial zones or rural environment: Pergamon Set (Pergamon Museum Berlin/ Bergama, Turkey 2010/15), The Room (National Museum in Pančevo, Serbia 2013), In S(P)ite of Fire (Beograd, Serbia 2005).

Dragan Stojčevski’s scenographic production for theatre productions includes the selection of the following titles: Worth While (West Bohemia Theatre in Cheb, 2012), Labyrinth of the World and Paradise of the Heart (Drak Theatre, Hradec Králové 2015), The Stag King (West Bohemia Theatre in Cheb, 2015), The Greek Passion (State Theatre Essen, 2015), Oresteia (Štvanice Island, Prague 2016), The Mouse Paradise Experiment (National Theatre, 2016), Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown (West Bohemia Theatre in Cheb, 2016), Pride and Prejudice (Jatka78, Praha 2016) and The Night Season (National Theatre, 2017) and Dynasty: Lehman Brothers (Goose on the String, Brno 2017).

Dragan Stojčevski graduated from stage design in Prof. Jan Dušek’s class at the Theatre Faculty, Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, he is also a PhD student there. He also did research at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague in Vladimír Kokolia’s studio. He has participated in Prague Quadrennial 2003 and Performance Design Biennial in Beograd 2004.