Boháčková Jana

Stage designer, costume designer

Jana Boháčková currently participates in scenographic and dramaturgic concepts of works staged in HaDivadlo, Brno. She and visual artist Lenka Jabůrková are authors of visual designs in productions directed by Ivan Buraj, which often refer to contemporary social and political problems and their impact of individuality; The Castle (the Integration Shine) (2014), Moonwalkers (Imitation and Premonition) (2016), Uncle Vanya (2016) and Madame Bovary (2015).

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Boháčková also examines the limits of the staged and the communal, e.g. public spaces as they are related to staged and communal situations. Her search for social and performative limits of communication forms and examination of interactive possibilities of public space resulted in the project Madame Cat (together with Lenka Jabůrková and Kateřina Miholová, 2013 in Růženin lom in Brno).

As a scenographer and costume designer, Boháčková has participated in The Prince of Homburg in Marta Theatre Studio (2012), Boheme 1914 – Winter, Spring (2013) and The Secret of the Yellow Back (2014) in Na Orlí Theatre, or Resettlement!!! in the National Moravian Silesian Theatre (2015).

Jana Boháčková received the bachelor and master’s degree in scenography at the Theatre Faculty, Janáček Academy of Performing Arts in Brno in Jana Preková’s studio. She studied one semester of painting at the Hacettepe University in Ankara (Faculty of Visual Arts).


Jana Boháčková