Roszkopfová Marta

Stage and costume designer

Marta Roszkopfová is the author of more than 265 complete stage designs for theatre productions with her distinctive visual style occupying an important position in Czech scenography history. The essential part of her work is associated with theatres in Ostrava – Petr Bezruč Theatre and its former regular director Josef Janík. Her work is characterized by the (inseparable) unity between the stage and costumes. As for the “action scenography, Marta Rozskopfová uses colors freely and incorporates them in the character of the stage and characters, thus creating a compact unit.

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Roszkopfová realizes her artistic activities in many theatres in the Czech Republic and abroad (Slovakia, Poland, Germany). She regularly cooperates with directors Zdeněk Kaloč, Miroslav Krobot, Ludmila Engelová and Janusz Klimsza. Many productions the designer participated in have received awards and prizes: the most famous one being probably the production of A Year in a Village (1994, National Theatre) directed by Miroslav Krobot, for which she created stage and costume designs.

Roszkopfová graduated from stage and costume design in Professor Ladislav Vychodil and Professor Ludmila Purkyňová’s studio at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava. In 1973-74, she studied stage design in Jozef Szajna’s studio at the Academy in Warsaw. After she terminated the employment in the Petr Bezruč Theatre, she has been a freelancer since 2006; apart from stage design, she designs theatre posters, publicity graphic design and painting.

Marta Roszkopfová was repeatedly awarded the golden medal at the Triennial of stage and costume design in Novi Sad, Yugoslavia (in 1981, 1984 and 1988) and she has also repeatedly represented Czech scenography at the international exhibition Prague Quadrennial. In 2007, she was nominated by the OISTAT international scenographic commission to be among the “Honorable Scenographers at PQ07”. Her work can be seen at prestigious scenographic and costume exhibitions in Europe, the USA and China as well as in renowned collections in the National Museum and the National Gallery in Prague.