Vítek Petr


The emerging scenographer Petr Vítek made his mark during his bachelor’s degree studies, when he was engaged in “site specific” works under the supervision of Tomáš Žižka. His work is characterized by soft and sophisticated utilization of light, which creates dramatic space in experimental non-traditional spaces as well as professional theatre scenes.

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The first attitude may be illustrated on Vítek’s project The Astronaut – he dramatized, directed and made the stage design for Ray Bradbury’s short story, which was performed at the Žižkov freight railway station. The second one is demonstrated on Vítek’s stage design for The Danish Civil War in the Theatre on the Balustrade (2018, directed by Adam Svozil, Kristýna Kosová). Other stage designer’s works include designs for Mikado (South Bohemian Theatre, 2017) and the production of Bang (Letí Theatre, 2017), Perfect Days (Municipal Theatre Kladno, 2016), Saturnin (Municipal Theatre Most, 2016), The Mistake (Jatka 78, 2017), Two Nights at Karlštejn (Kalich Theatre, 2017), Houses of Ill Repute (V Dlouhé Theatre, 2015) and others.

He also participated in the authorial production of The Lads (Tygr v tísni, 2017) in Villa Štvanice, which dealt with tense, harmful and pathological school environment. The gravity of the contents corresponds with the specific environment of the production – a brick plaster-chipped space and experimenting with materials determined the scenographic and dramaturgic framework of the final form.

Petr Vítek received his BcA degree in directing and dramaturgy at the Theatre Faculty, Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. He finished his studies with the final project of a light production inspired by Erben’s Bouquet and Kateřina Jandáčková’s production Deadly Happy (Disk Theatre, 2015). Petr Vítek currently studies in the master’s program.