Bambušek Krejzková Zuzana

Costume designer, stage designer

As Krejzková says, she found herself in the world of theatre by accident: however, since 1994, when she and director Petr Lébl came to the Theatre on the Balustrade, she has been a well-liked and acknowledged theatre and film costume designer.

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Krejzková’s production is associated with distinguished directors, such as Jiří Pokorný, David Czesaný or Michal Lang, with whom she has worked in the Drama Club in Ústní nad Labem, Comedy Theatre in Prague, HaDivadlo in Brno etc. She has also created several stage designs for the productions of the V Dlouhé Theatre in Prague – for directors Jan Borna (How I Got Lost, 2000), Vladimír Morávek (Cabaret Undine, 2000) and Hana Burešová (Demons, 2002).

Since 1996, she has cooperated with director Michal Dočekal: On the Shelf (Ungelt Theatre, 2001), The Forest (Studio DVA, 2014) or Mikveh (National Theatre, 2008) and others. Most of Zuzana Krejzková’s costume designs have been done for the drama in the National Theatre, where she works mostly with Michal Dočekal and many other directors. She has recently made two stage designs for the productions directed by Miroslav Bambušek in Studio Hrdinů in Prague: The Work (2017) and Wasteland (2014).

Although Zuzana Krejzková often works for permanent theatre scenes, she also develops her production in independent site-specific projects. As a stage designer, she has participated in creating the platform Multiprostor Louny and She also works with the civic association Mezery, for which she and artist Jana Preková designed costumes and stage designs for the following projects: Good Luck! – staged in the Michal Mine in Ostrava, Go for the Jews! – staged in the Rarach industrial space, Earth – Agrarian Hard Stuff – stage at the Žižkov freight railway station, Prometheus – staged in the Perla factory hall in Vraném nad Vltavou.

Zuzana Krejzková graduated from the Higher Vocational School in Brno v Brně and the Crafts Education Institute in Prague. She has received the prestigious award Czech Lion twice already – in the category of the Best Costume (Ice Mother, 2017 and Hany, 2014).