Bečka Marek

Actor, director, teacher

The founder and front man of the independent theatre company Cakes and Puppets (1991, Cheb at first, now Prague), who has essentially influenced the form of Czech puppet theatre with blurring the aesthetic norms and a shift towards post-modernism (The Story??? Of a Human, Mysterious Stranger).

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He graduated from acting at the Puppet Department of DAMU (now the Department of Alternative and Puppet Theatre), where he also teaches (in 2006, he was appointed the Associate Professor). He is a director in the Cakes and Puppets as well as other puppet companies (Minor Theatre, Prague, Lampion Theatre, Kladno, Lutkovno gledališče, Maribor and others). He is engaged in productions for children and adults.

He has received many individual awards for acting and directing (Skupa’s Plzeň 2012 for acting in the production of The Jaws, Mateřinka Liberec 2011 for the directing of the production of The Golden Goose, 2015 for the directing of the production of The Elf). In 1992, he received the UNIMA Czech Centre Award, he received the ASSISTEJ Czech Centre Award in 2013.