Dvořák Tomáš

Director, actor

Important puppet director, who consistently develops the tradition of the Czech marionette theatre. He is the author of the most successful puppet productions after 1989 (Headless Knight, Alibaba and Forty Thieves, Oh My Gosh, Dog’s Heads, Handsome Fireman, Three Musketeers, James Blond).

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He graduated from the Puppet Department at DAMU (now the Department of Alternative Puppet Theatre). The regular director and artistic director of the Alfa Theatre, Plzeň, he often has guest performances in the Naïve Theatre in Liberec.

His most successful production of Three Musketeers (2006) has received 26 awards in the Czech Republic and abroad (including the Erik Award for the most production of the year). He has been awarded many prizes and awards: 1985 Mateřinka award for actor’s performance (The Gate Locked with a Button, Children’s Theatre – Alfa), in 1995, he received the UNIMA Czech Centre Award and has been the multiple laureate of individual awards at Skupa’s Plzeň festival.