Jarkovský Tomáš

Dramaturge, playwright, scriptwriter

The author and co-author of many playful theatre adaptations of fairy tales and classic novels; he and director Jakub Vašíček are successfully engaged in production for the adult audiences (Hamleteen, Neklan.cz, Gazdina roba, Closely Watched Trains) and for children (Of a White Doe, To Hell with You!).

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He graduated from dramaturgy at the Department of Alternative and Puppet Theatre, he is now a dramaturg of the DRAK Theatre in Hradec Králové. He occasionally works for the independent company Športniki.

He has received many awards for text adaptations, theatre adaptations and paraphrases (together with Jakub Vašíček): Skupa’s Plzeň 2012 for the production of Closely Watched Trains (Alfa Theatre) and Skupa’s Plzeň 2010 for the script and concept of Neklan.cz (Naïve Theatre), Back to Bullerbyn was the production of 2011 (Erik Award).