Peřina Vít

Playwright, dramaturg

The distinctive playwright, who continues in the legacy of his mother Iva Peřinová, “the first lady of Czech puppet plays”. His texts are characterized by playfulness, creative approach to language and implementation of pop-culture motives (James Blond, Puppets Have Got Talent) and original adaptations of classic fairy tales (Budulínek, Cook, Mug, Cook!).

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He graduated from the Faculty of Arts at Palacký University (theatre, film and Czech studies), he is not the dramaturg of the Native Theatre in Liberec.

He has received many awards for his plays (2017 Mateřinka for the script of Bohemia Lies by the Sea, 2013 Mateřinka – for the adaptation about the classic fairy-tale of Budulínek, 2007 Mateřinka – the text Cook, Mug, Cook! or Two Fairy-Tales about a Mug) and has become probably the most frequently staged Czech puppet playwright.