Hradilkova Tereza

Choreographer, dancer, teacher

As far as choreography is concerned, Tereza ranks among dance conceptualists, which was clearly demonstrated in her solo choreography Swish with the Dance Production 2017 Award from the Czech Dance Platform jury. It is inspired by usual gestures, everyday movement routine, in which she finds a strong metaphoric potential.

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Tereza graduated from the Duncan Centre conservatory in 2002 and she received her bachelor’s degree at the Amsterdam School of Arts. In 2006-7, she participated in “The Art of Performer/Interpreter” education program put together by Dejá Donné company. Along with dancer and choreographer Einat Ganze, she produced and performed in three successful duets Karnenin’s Smile (2005), Sheep by the Road (2008), Proměnná/Variable (2009). Tereza Hradilková has performed in many projects – she danced in Fabrice Ramalingom’s Brut (2010), in Kateřina Stupecká’s Sunyata, in Andrea Miltner’s Beneath the Skin (2010) as part of Claude Brumachon’s piece Le Temoin (2003). She has also worked with Fabienne Chyle – she performed in Territorial Imbalance (2007) and Platzregen (2012). She was nominated for the best dancer of 2017 by the Czech Dance Platform. She shot a successful dance movie Beating along with the director Karin Sulc. Tereza also participates in the Tanec školám project as a teacher and leads workshops for amateur and professional dancers.

In conveying woman’s emotions in the course of her life, Tereza Hradilková employed a popular and basic girl’s game – rope skipping. Thus, she created a great stage metaphor as well as conditions for her physically demanding performance.
Nina Vangeli, Czech Dance Platform juror