Adámek Jiří / Austerlitz Jiří


Director, author, university teacher

Adámek and theatre company Boca loca Lab have developed an innovative type of music or sonic theatre with the mixture of music structure, stylized acting and a special attitude to language (fragmentation or rhythm-like words, playing with semi-abstract clusters of syllables and speech sounds).

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As a director, author of librettos and music compositions in scenic projects, he has worked with the National Theatrein Prague (After the Velvet, 2014), Alfred ve dvoře Theatre (The Infinity of Lists, 2016), Studio Hrdinů Theatre (Rolling Eyes, 2019), HaDivadlo (The Performance Takes Place during the Performance, 2021), National Theatre Brno – Janáčkova opera (Rules of Conduct in Modern Society, 2017), Roxy-NoD Experimental Space (Europeans, 2008; Territory, 2010). Apart from individual authorial and directing partnerships, he has worked with his theatre company Boca Loca Lab since 2007 (e.g. Europeans, 2008 in Roxy-NoD Experimental Space; Fire, 2011 and Tick Tock Politics, 2006 v at the festival 4+4 Days in Motion, PEOPLE GO TO AND FRO for piano and a few performers, 2021 in Alfréd ve dvoře Theatre). He has also worked for children and the youth in Minor Theatre in Prague (Land of Sounds, 2015; The Jungle Book, 2007). He works with Czech Radio as an author and director (e.g. the cycle of one-minute plays for Czech Radio – Vltava; radio composition Play on Ears, 2018 on Czech Radio Vltava).

He graduated from theatre directing at Department of Alternative and Puppet Theatre at DAMU (2002). He is now the head of the Directing and Dramaturgy Cabinet at Department of Alternative and Puppet Theatre at DAMU.

Adámek has received various awards: Music Theatre Now! in Germany and the Award for Original Theatre Piece at the Kontakt festival in Torun for the production of Tick Tock Politics (2006). The Europeans project (2008) received the award for the best young director at the Mess festival (Bosnia and Herzegovina). The production The Jungle Book (2007) received the Alfred Radok Award for stage design, was awarded in three categories at Mateřinka 2007 in Liberec and received the main prize at the Banialuka festival 2010 in v Bialsko-Biała. The Next Wave festival 2007 appointed Adámek the Person of the Year in alternative theatre for music and scenic compositions and their theoretical reflection. He and Martin Smolka received the Theatre Newspaper Award 2014 for the opera Open Seznam! He was awarded the Prix Bohemia Award and the prestigious international Karl Szczuka Preis from SWR for his radio composition Play on Ears.