Havelka Jiří


Director, author, actor

Havelka always explores the possibilities of theatre time and space and creation of theatre illusions, and he emphasizes the uniqueness of theatre as a tool of direct communication.

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His original production about theatre Drama in a Nutshell (2005) drew the attention as well as Where the Wind Is, There is His Beach (2008), which brings windsurfing on the stage. Having cooperated with the Ypsilonka theatre, he also produced a very successful collage from the life and works of Alfred Jarry Jarry the Supermale (2006). He transferred Einstein’s Theory of Relativity on the stage in HaDivadlo in the production Indian in Danger (2008). Having left the permanent engagement in Ypsilonka, he developed the cooperation with the Theatre on the Balustrade (authorial performance Ubu Is Having Fun, 2010 or nonverbal Madness, 2014), Na Vinohradech Theatre (Tyl’s Fidlovačka, 2010) and HaDivadlo (The World in Danger, 2012 ). He also directed several international projects, such as Czech-German EXIT 89 (2008), a concert show with British group The Tiger Lilies Here I am Human! for the Archa Theatre or several Czech-Canadian projects. He has been recently associated with his “home” company Vosto5. The ensemble has enriched Czech theatre with pure improvisation, word juggling, persiflage and mystification as well as original interpretation of Czech national topics (e.g. the acrobatic-martial-motion performance from the time of the Protectorate Pérák – What’s in the Name? It’s Actions that Count!, 2011 or critically acknowledged Brass Band, 2013, original theatre invasions in public space called Second City or technologically innovative site-specific attitude in the theatre sci-fi Colonization – A New Origin!, 2016). Speaking of dance theatre, he cooperates most intensively with Vertedance. He also cooperates with theatres abroad (e. g. Slovak National Theatre Bratislava).

He graduated from the DAMU in alternative and puppet theatre directing in 2002, he is currently the head of the Alternative and Puppet Theatre Department at DAMU in Prague.

Apart from numerous nominations for the performances and awards from foreign festivals, he has received Zlomvaz festival award, the Reflex magazine award, the Theatre Newspaper award, the Herald Angel Award at the prestigious Fringe festival in Edinburgh and the Alfred Radok Award in the category Talent of the Year 2008.