Tejnorová Petra


Director, author, teacher

Petra Tejnorová’s independent projects and alternative performances are documentary probes trying to uncover the guts of taboo, neglected and thorny topics.

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The director and author Petra Tejnorová creates her own theatre projects and guest performances. She has been engaged in documentary theatre, physical and dance theatre, authorial theatre, theatre probes in various social layers and classes. In projects Nevina (2014) and Nick (2015) she focused on the genre of live cinema, the fusion of theatre and film. She has had guest performances in Dejvice Theatre (Modrovous/suovodroM), HaDivadlo (Přeškrtnutý Sen noci svatojánské), New Stage of the National Theatre (Edge, TimINg, Láska a informace, 2016; Proslov k národu, 2019), Ponec Theatre (Kolik váží vaše touha?, 2011; You are here, 2016; Duety, 2019), Archa Theatre, Minor Theatre, Alfa Theatre etc. She has cooperated with spaces of Alfred ve dvoře, Alta Studio (Uhozené květinou), Roxy/NoD. She regularly cooperates with the dance company VerTeDance (Pojďme na tanec!, NOTHING SAD, 2017) and 11:55 (John Sinclair: Umění braku ON AIR, 2013; Pravda o 17/11, 2018; Pýcha a předsudek aneb Láska voní po hnijícím mase 2016).

After Petra Tejnorová’s company Stg.Tejnorová & The Commando as well as Rezera Ondrová’s dance company VerTeDance fell apart, the new creative platform Temporary Collective emerged. The core person is manager Michal Somoš, who participated in last independent projects of both authors. Apart from the projects on the platform, all three founding members also successfully take part in other activities. Temporary Collective is now photographer Marek Bartoš, musician and visual artist Dominik Žižka, and production manager Tereza Baschová, Temporary also emphasizes topicality and ephemerality of live art – such as theatre and dance.

Collective offers the unique chemistry of the team which was assembled for the project. Temporary Collective is a changeable and live creative organism. Two productions have been staged so far – the first one is in the live-cinema genre Putin’s Agents (Jatka 78, 2019) and the second one is related to dance and called Duets (Ponec Theatre, 2019).

She graduated from directing of alternative and puppet theatre at KALD DAMU in Prague. She is currently the teacher in Acring Bachelor’s Programme at KALD DAMU.

She created several successful productions when studying at DAMU (the award of student and professional jury at the 8th International Festival of Puppetry Universities Wroclaw 2006, Zlomvaz in 2006, the award in the theatre section at the International Festival Zdarzenia – Tczew – Europa 2007, award for directing at Skupa’s Pilsen Festival in 2008). In 2008 she was nominated for the Alfréd Radok Award in the category of Talent. In 2009 she received the Josef Hlávka Award. The production Kolik váží vaše touha? became the dance production of 2011 and the dance play YOU ARE HERE received the audience award at Dance Platform 2017. She is also a film director (Haló? Je tam někdo?, 2017; Das Mädchen und die Waffe, 2014).