Žižka Tomáš


Stage designer, curator, performer, musician, teacher

Žižka is the master of the art of space and pioneer of theatre production in non-traditional spaces and in the open air.

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He has been engaged in theatre production, experimental and educational projects, site-specific projects, projects dealing with minorities and communities, mainly as part of the art company mamapapa (e.g. the projects Tančící vesnice, Kladno+-Záporno, Praha exotická and Praha tropická, Proroci písma, Za tržnicí, Home made, Phonart, Odsídlování). As an author, scenographer and performer, he has worked with many Czech and international directors and theatres (e.g. Ondrej Spišák, Divadlo Drak Hradec Králové). As an architect he participates in design and implementation of exhibition projects and exhibits in museums, galleries and fair-trade presentations (e.g. National Museum of Agriculture in Prague, Information Centre of Celtic Culture in Nižbor, Information Centre Celts in Dolní Břežany, presentation of Pardubice region at Expo 2016, Drak Theatre Gallery Hradec Králové). As the teacher at workshops and symposiums, exhibit curator and artistic director, he has worked with the Prague Quadrennial 1999 and 2003. He is also interested in audiovisual production. His publication activities are oriented at site-specific project and informal education.

He graduated from KALD DAMU in Prague, he is currently a coach, teacher and free-lance artist.