Da Costa Cecile

performer, choreographer, singer

Cécile Da Costa studied pedagogy at university Saint-Denis Paris. She was travelling in central Europe when she came across a workshop of Farm in the Cave. Since then she became Prague-based and member of Farm in the Cave company for several years.

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She has been collaborating for several years with Spitfire Company, initially in minor roles. For her solo performance The Narrator, directed by Petr Boháč, she won the Dancer of the Year 2018 Award at Czech Dance Platform Festival as well as earned a nomination for „Total Physical award“ at Fringe Festival 2017. She captures the audiences with raw energy of her performance combined with multi-layered voice performance that gives depth and uniqueness.

Roselyne (2019) is her first author theatre production. Inspired by a real woman who Cecile met before she died, the performer explores questions of self-awarness, of being and wanting to be invisible, not wanting to disturb others. Using a big sofa and holding a plant that hides her face, she uses her voice, singing and body to convey several questions and intertwine breath, physical action and emotion.

In late 2020, this work was selected into the prestigious Aerowaves Twenty21 group of Europe’s most promising emerging artists.

In 2021 Roselyne was reworked as a dance film, directed by Tereza Vejvodová.

Cecile Da Costa also leads physical theater workshops in the Czech Republic, France, Poland or Greece. In her work she seeks “voices that can move the body and bodies that can move the voice”.

"Cecile Da Costa is a phenomenon. She’s got several different qualities in her voice. She can be truthful on stage. She has two beings inside her - the first is like an angelic carillon and the second is a voodoo drunk witch, the dark side in each of us.“

Petr Boháč, Český rozhlas Vltava, 2018