Černický Viktor

Performer, author

Viktor Černický is a multidisciplinary author and performer. His works, built from his Body as Object / Object as Body research, blend elements of physical theatre, contemporary clownerie, dance and circus.

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Originally from Trenčín, Slovakia, he first studied Theatre Studies at the Faculty of Philosophy at the Masaryk University Brno, but later he switched from theory to the department of Physical Theatre at the Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts Brno.

His solo performance PAROLAPOLEA (2017) works with the theme of the influence of outer environment on human actions. Černický calls an object his best friend. His creative process goes back and forth in between „the intellectual“ and „the intuitive“. Within these boundaries he tries to explore his options.

For PAROLAPOLEA, Černický was nominated for Dancer of the Year and Dance Production of the Year at the 2017 Czech Dance Platform. He has been awarded with a special mention in the form of invitation to take part in Choreographic Research Week in Bassano del Grappa.

PLI is his next project from 2018, existing on the border line between dance, circus and performance. In this physical reflection of Leibniz's philosophy, a single performer throws himself in a labor for schizophrenic reconstruction of the Universe. Whether it is the architecture of space or design of our thoughts, PLI is confronting these fragile structures with endless human dynamics. For Viktor, PLI is serious and playful at the same time. One would not make sense without the other.

Within his work, he always tries to think of the audiences as a rightful member of the performance. His intelectual concept cannot exist on its own, without taking the audience reaction into consideration and focus.

PLI was awarded Piece of the Year 2019 at the Czech Dance Platform 2019, as well as the Spectators award. It was also selected to be included in the prestigious Spring Forward 2020 dance review in Rijeka, Slovenia.

As an interpret he has also worked with Dominique Boivin, Jaro Viňarský, Miřenka Čechová or Cie Mossoux - Bonté among others…

Černický accepted his role as an outsider or a stranger in the dance world. It gives him the sense of artistic freedom to continue exploring the ongoing interchanging relationship in between the body and the object, combining elements of clownerie, physical theatre, dance and new circus.

“PLI is an exceptional piece, dazzling with ingenious simplicity and perfect harmony of all its elements. I believe it belongs among the best aspiring theatre events of this season. The author has set the level really high.”

Josef Bartoš, Taneční aktuality 2018