Bazaar Festival 2018 – the voice given to communities beyond the majority

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The fourth Bazaar, the theatre and dance festival in Prague, is going to present works and excerpts from significant performances from Central, Eastern and Southern Europe from 16th to 18th March 2018.

The topic of the festival is looking for one’s own voice within the community. “We focus on the problematic communication of topics, which the majority is not much familiar with. How to understand each other in various social groups? How to describe problems of minorities to the members of the majority? And where are the limits of communication? How can we find our own voice?” Ewan McLaren, the chief programmer and art director of Alfred ve dvoře theatre, explains the selection of this year’s topic of the Bazaar festival. Three days of the festival will present the showcase of progressive and thought-provoking scenic works and excerpts enriched with discussions as well as Bush Hartshorn’s Giving and receiving feedback workshop.

The Bazaar festival 2018 starts with the production of One Gesture performed by the Polish company Nowy Teatr. Four deaf performers confront the audience with communication barriers among the deaf in a funny and scathing way. The director is Polish artist Wojtek Ziemilsky.

Bazaar in the ALTA Studio on Saturday is traditionally the highlight of the festival. The audiences will see the showcase of four excerpts of scenic and dance projects in progress performed by artists from Slovenia, Romania, Wales, the Czech Republic, Poland, Austria and other countries. The first of them is the excerpt from a production about a fictitious massacre called #Widespread by Collective B working in Austria. The second showcase is a part of the performance called Behind in Place, Later Than in Time, in which the artists try to capture the change the performance leaves in them through audience’s photos. The showcase will also present excerpts from Viktor Černický’s project Effortless, which deals with subjective perception, objective reality and perception of oneself in the world. Alice Koubová is going to moderate the discussion at the end of Saturday Bazaar.

The topics of stereotypes of female beauty and sexual taboos are going to be analyzed in a lecture/performative solo project 1.7 by Zsuzsa Rózsavölgyi, which she will present on Saturday, March 17 in the ALTA Studio. 1.7 refers to the current birth rate per one European women – which is not enough to preserve our society and culture. Using her sincerity, sarcastic humor and self-irony, Rózsavölgyi examines the manipulation with a female body, his role in contemporary society and his aspects of success and fail rates.

Tereza Hradilková with her solo Švihla will perform on Sunday, March 18 in the PONEC theatre. “Rope skipping as a children’s game as well as ambition and self-improvement. Do we skip only ourselves, conquer our limits or are we in a vicious circle we cannot escape?” the festival organizers ask.

The program of the festival ends with Handa Gote Research & Development company, which organizes the folk celebration of Šibřinky on Sunday, March 18 in Alfred ve dvoře theatre. The improvised performance and event of an undefined length and extent, which continually changes into a film screening, refreshment or a sport event, offers the reflection on the dark side of being Czech, folk customs and folklore.