Czech Dance Platform 2018

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The 24th Czech Dance Platform takes place on 4th – 7th April and it offers the selection of the most interesting works produced on the Czech dance and motion stages in the past year. The festival has aroused the interest with many professionals – presenters and journalist – from the Czech Republic, Europe and overseas.

The platform has been mapping the Czech contemporary dance and motion theatre and scouts out the highest quality and diversity. The Dramaturgy Line has seen many personalities, who carefully keep a close watch on the events in the Czech Republic. There are more than 40 productions registered in the platform. The board has selected seven works the viewers will see in the program, in which the purely dance works alter with theatre approaches, the elements of contemporary circus, application of visual elements and non-theatre spaces.

Apart from the Dramaturgy Board, the Audience Jury had meetings as well. “We are happy we could offer to participate in the Audience Jury to those who are interested,” says Zuzana Hájková, the festival manager, and continues: “The purport of the way of audience’s participation is to allow them to try the work of the Dramaturgy Board – to see all registered works, if possible, to discuss them with professionals – and to independently vote for three pieces, which should not be missing in the program.”

Platform participants and the audience can look forward to the productions of The Farm in the Cave, VerTeDance, DOT504, Spitfire Company or authors, such as Jan Komárek, Martin Talaga and Eliška Brtnická. The accompanying program focuses on networking, sharing the experience and professional discussions. The borders between art genres as well as geographical borders keep fading away and Czech artists work in international co-productions more often.

The Studio of the European Dancehouse Network (EDN) continues in the work of the Czech Dance Platform this year.

“Czech dance is worth noticing. It has recently brought a hundred of foreign experts to Prague and no similar event in Central Europe is that successful,” says Yvona Kreuzmannová, director and founder of Dance Prague and adds: “It is a unique opportunity to present the qualities and diversity of our scene to the representatives of the most important dance houses and festivals, and open the topic of the context of artists’ work in Central Europe and nearby Post-Soviet states. The platform and the EDN Studio are open to everybody who wants to learn more about dance.”

24th Czech Dance Platform takes place on seven places in Prague – PONEC – theatre for dance, ALTA Studio, Alfred ve dvoře, the Centre for Contemporary Art DOX, Trade Fair Palace Corso, National Gallery in Prague, Studio Hrdinů and La Fabrika. The main part of the EDN Studio takes place in Kasárna Karlín.

The festival is supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, the Capital City of Prague, EU Creative Europe program, Arts and Theatre Institute, Prague 7, Czech Centers and the Italian Cultural Institute. Festival partners are: ALT@RT z.ú., EDN (European Dancehouse Network), Institute of Lighting Design, Cultural Forum Austria and SE.S.TA – Centre for Choreographic Development.

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