How is dance celebrated in the Czech Republic?

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The International Dance Day is celebrated splendidly in the Czech Republic, especially thanks to the Vision of Dance, the professional dance organization, which seized the International Dance Day as an opportunity to draw attention to dance art values and versatile benefits brought by dance to everyone who dances.

The Vision of Dance uses the regular call to approach dance subjects – schools, studios, companies, theatres, dance crews and groups to link 29th April to public manifestation of their dance activities. It has been a tradition that schools organize productions for the public, dance studios offer open lessons, theatres enter the public space etc. The program of celebrations is recorded in a dance map, which every subject may use to register their offer and make it public.

The peak of the celebrations is a flashmob danced together, a choreography staged by a different choreographer every year. The flashmob is first spread online as a tutorial, and people will dance it together on the day of celebrations at given time at hundreds of places in the Czech Republic. It is not unusual that they make people on squares, malls or metro stations dance.

This year’s choreography was designed by Lenka Fučíková, the young choreographer from Brno, who was inspired by the folk song Dance Dance Spin Around remixed by the members of Poletíme! band. More at

The celebrations of the International Dance Day, announced by the dance committee of the International Theatre Institute in 1982 for the first time, can have various forms. Its international dimension is provided by Czech Centre of the ITI (International Theatre Institute), which spreads the official proclamation to this day. This year, the proclamation was written by five dancers representing five continents: Salia Sanou, Burkina Faso, Georgette Gebara, Lebanon, Ohad Naharin, Israel, Marianela Boán, Cuba, Willy Tsao, Hong Kong – China.