The exhibition Three Takes on Czech Puppet Theatre at the occasion of the Month of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Budapest

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As part of the European Year of Cultural Heritage, the Budapest cluster EUNIC organizes a series of event about intangible cultural heritage. The aim of the project is to find unusual connections among various fields, to transmit experience of European cultural heritage as experiences and workshops, and to emphasize the social aspect and inclusion. The Czech Centre Budapest is the initiator of the project and a member of the working group.

The event will see the presentation of Czech puppetry in the traditional form of the exhibition Three Takes on Czech Puppet Theatre prepared by the Arts and Theatre Institute as well as a starting point for engaged projects. One of the examples may be Jordanian puppeteer Husam Abed, who graduated from the Department of Alternative and Puppet Theatre DAMU, and performs in the refugee camps in Jordan or in poor areas of east Slovakia and south Hungary with the Daffa Puppet Theater. The other field is a joint presentation of AU, HU and SK design, or blue print, to be specific. The event starts on the Europe Day and will take place at several places in Budapest in May.

The exhibition provides a brief, yet representative, view of the rich tradition and colorful present of Czech puppet theatre, which is a unique phenomenon of Czech culture and it delights the audiences all around the world. Three sections dedicated to the historical development, the after-war change and puppet techniques serve as an overview of various chapters of Czech puppet theatre. Three magic boxes provide an insight to the period of itinerate theatre and the time of popular family theatres, you will meet famous puppet visual artists on the background of significant performances and puppet companies. You will also see the presentation on the phenomena of black theatre and modern theatre architecture and if you reach the end of the journey, you will see the interactive section where you will get familiar with various technological kinds of puppets such as fairy-tale characters and you may even try to operate them.

Organizers: Arts and Theatre Institute, Prague and Czech Centre Budapest

Curators: Nina Malíková, Martina Černá

Date and venue: 11th May – 15th June 2018, De la Motte-Palota Palace, Dísz tér 15, Budapest