The multifunctional theatre hall Jatka78 offers a wide range of new features in the new season – from contemporary circus to drama and music

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The new and the most personal production of Rosťa Novák Jr., director Viktor Tauš’s premiere, dance spiked with sci-fi, symbiosis of contemporary circus with an 80-member orchestra, foreign stars of contemporary theatre or a unique project White Rabbit, Red Rabbit. This is only a small part of what Jatka78 will see in the upcoming theatre season.

Jatka78 demonstrates that cultural events in unusual venues in Pražská tržnice pays off. They enter the new season with vigor and desire to present non-traditional Czech and foreign projects to Czech audiences. The long-awaited extension of the lease agreement of market halls perked the theatremakers from Holešovice up.

“On 4th September 2018 we received the amendment of the current agreement allowing Jatka78 to rent halls No. 7 and 8 for the indefinite period of time from the Prague Municipality. Apart from the halls mentioned above, the subject of the agreement is also hall 11 A, Skleněnka, where the production of Nesnesitelná tekutost bytí/Unbearable Fluidness of Being by director Vít Neznal is performed. The original lease contract was valid only until the end of this year. Although we lived in insecurity, we believed that Prague is interested in preserving our theatre. Thus, we continued in our vision to bring high-quality performances from our production as well as from abroad. The new season did not catch us unaware, yet with an outlook for several years,” says Štěpán Kubišta, the director of Jatka78.

The upcoming six months will see five premieres. Jatka78 opened the season Vít Neznal’s Nesnesitelná tekutost bytí/ Unbearable Fluidness of Being, which was the highlight of this year’s Letní Letná. After having seen a big aquarium with dancer Kateřina Dvořáková, audiences in Jatka78 will see no less original productions. In September there will be the premiere of Amerikánka by director Viktor Tauš with stars Tereza Voříšková and Eliška Křenková. The great DEKKADANCERS will present their new productions of Návštěvníci/Visitors and celebrate ten years of their existence.

October will be dedicated to Cirk La Putyka and the performance of ADHD, which is a confession of director Rosťa Novák Jr. A foreign company Analog, which feels in Pražská tržnice like at home, will not be missing as well. The calendar year will close with a production based on collaboration between Cirk La Putyka and Film Philharmonic showing how the eighty-member orchestra suits the performance Up End Down.