The Next Wave festival perked the theatre mainstream up

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The limitations regarding theatre genres, visual arts, or music are too tight for the showcase of artistic alternative. The intersection of thirty projects, performances and concert productions offered by the …příští vlna/next wave… festival in late September was this year’s topic: image. The festival has been presenting the variety of contemporary productions mixing theatre, visual, or music ingredients in various ratios as well as venues and spaces for twenty-five years.

Like every year, Honors are given to the most distinctive productions and figures of the year. Thus, it creates valuable continual awareness of a seemingly marginal stream, which perks up the theatre mainstream up, though.

The festival …příští vlna/next wave… has been a platform for the presentation of the Czech theatre margin as well as music, dance, visual, and other kinds of the alternative wave for twenty-five years. It attracts centrifugal, peripheral, or underground phenomena, it crosses the still “clear” borders of a genre, which are usually maintained by conventions (happenings, action art, installations, performances, social theatre, rituals, ceremonies, etc.). It has recently paid attention of secluded dramaturgic units, premiere projects, socially engaged and political theatre. It initiates new project, helps protect young progressive artists in various disciplines, and presents non-traditional cultural spaces. The 25th edition took place in Prague from 18th September to 1st October 2018.