Cirk La Putyka & Film Philharmonic CZ: Up End Down Symphony

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A fundraiser event to the benefit of the Committee of Good Will – Olga Havel Foundation under the auspices of Marta Kubišová

The contemporary circus poem about angels and people, the crossroads of heaven and earth, birth and death, memories and the present, ups and downs. Cirk La Putyka’s cult performance will be staged in a unique shape in December 2018 – with orchestration by Jan Maxián and accompanied by Film Philharmonic, the symphonic orchestra with extensive experience with live concerts of film music.

The orchestra will be conducted by Chuhei Iwasaki. Experience the unique genre crossroads of contemporary circus and music played by Film Philharmonic! The performance will be played only 11 times at Jatka78.

Accompanied by classical music, we once again revive a story of a person living only with his memories. With his ups and downs. He is not able to tear himself away from them and live easily and freely.

Every person, at least once in his life, thinks about what happens when the “final moment” comes. How does it look like and what comes next? Up End Down is an overview of the journey from the cradle to the grave, the way between earth and heaven in our imagination. The crossroads of genres, streets, heaven and earth, birth and death, memories and the present, smiles and tears, ups and downs.

“The contemporary circus poem about people and angels leaves everything Novák has done so far several light years behind. (…) He is a humble author, whose priorities are contents and shape, not shock or exhibition. Audiences are offered a fantastic sensory experience, yet they have enough space to enjoy purely poetic passages. We laugh and think, hold our breath and cry at the same time; and everything is balanced.”
Tereza Spáčilová,, December 2010

Proceeds from the fundraiser event will be employed to support palliative care: purchase of medical equipment for hospices – the facility with the mission to enable the dying experience the last days of their lives in dignity, with love, among their dear ones and without fear or suffering.