The international fair CINARS with Czech representation this year

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The international fair CINARS focusing on contemporary live art takes place every two years in Motréal, Canada. CINARS, the most influential art event in North America, brings together dance, theatre and music professionals, promoters and art programmers from all around the world. The Arts and Theatre Institute (ATI) will present a booth with an eponymous name.

CINARS fair, which will take place from 12th to 17th November, was founded by performing arts producers back in 1984. The event is regularly attended by delegates from Europe, North and South America, and Asia. In 2016 CINARS presented 370 exhibitors and 180 observers. The fair also includes workshops, seminars, national and international showcases of performing arts. CINARS is a biennale with the goal to support exchange of information on theatre, dance and music events all around the world. It also focuses on establishing or deepening of personal contacts, which are preconditions for successful exchange of projects, cooperation, guest performances, residencies and support of artists’ mobility.

In its booth called The Arts and Theatre Institute – Czech Republic, the ATI will provide the participants with materials on theatre, dance, music and contemporary circus as well as the selection of promotional and information materials on the representative selection of contemporary performing arts scene. It will also present the new website designed to promote Czech contemporary art internationally. The selection includes exceptional acts in theatre and dance with overlaps to non-verbal theatre or contemporary circus.

As of the results of the ATI open call, the Czech Republic will be represented by arts managers Ludmila Vacková (Spitfire Company / Tanec Praha / Ponec Theatre / Studio Alta), Magdaléna Petráková (Theatre Flora festival / Creative Olomouc) and Štěpán Kubišta (Jatka 78 / Cirk La Putyka). The main coordinator of representation is the manager from the ATI Department of International Relations Viktorie Schmoranzová.

The ATI fulfils the strategy of the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic of Czech arts international promotion by participating in CINARS.