Theatre Newspaper Awards Handed Out

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Czech critics, journalists and theatre professionals nominate productions and performances for the Theatre Newspaper Award once a year. The award has been handed out since 2001 to artists or companies in seven categories.

There are two rounds. There are three undertakings, which premiered from 31st August 2017 to 1st September 2018, in each category in the first correspondence round. Then three undertakings in each category qualify to the second round. The jury decided the winners in the second round on 31st October 2018. The award ceremony took place in the Eliade Library at the Theatre on the Balustrade.

Jan Mikulášek received the award in the “drama theatre” category for directing the production Woodcutters at the Theatre on the Balustrade, Prague, premiere on 16th March 2018.

The award in the “alternative theatre” category went to Jiří Havelka for directing of his production The Fellowship of Homeowners, Vosto5 Theatre, Prague, premiere on 7th October 2017

The professionals in the “music theatre” category awarded Jiří Nekvasil for directing and Bruno Ferrandis for the music staging of Alois Hába’s opera The Kingdom Come, National Moravian-Silesian Theatre Ostrava in the Jiří Myron Theatre, premiere on 24th June 2018

The award in the category “dance and motion theatre” went to Lenka Vagnerová for the concept, directing and choreography of the production of Amazones, Lenka Vagnerova & company, Prague, premiere on 1st November 2017.

The award for the “puppet and visual theatre” went to Apolena Vanišová and Petr Krusha for the project of Kračun, Prague, premiere 26th February 2018

The jury also handed out the award for the “publication undertaking in theatre”, which went to Martin Bernátek, Anna Hejmová and Martina Novozámská for the book Czech Theatre Photography 1859 / 2017, IDU, Prague 2018

The award for an acting performance regardless the genres went to Tereza Marečková for the role of Vitka in the production of Vitka, Goose on the String Theatre, Brno.

The announcer of the award – bi-monthly Theatre Newspapers – was founded in 1992. The aim of the Theatre Newspaper is to reflect current Czech theatre production and put it in the context of world theatre as circumstances allow. It is the only cultural periodical publishing critical reviews of the premieres of all Czech theatres, each issue includes a quality interview with actors or directors on Czech theatre stages, the profiles of important Czech theatremakers, information on current international theatre events and it also monitors contemporary cultural and social disputes and discussions. The regular series is about memoires of outstanding figures in Czech theatre and culture. Apart from theatre, Theatre Newspaper tries to selectively record remarkable non-theatre cultural events in literature, film, visual arts or music. The authors of the magazines are renowned Czech theatre critics, theatre journalists and theatre researchers; the extended team is made up of personalities from various cultural and artistic magazines, the magazine also provides space for contributions by active theatremakers. The current editor-in-chief is Josef Herman.