Bazaar Festival 2019 to stage provocative artists from Germany, Bulgaria and Lebanon

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The 5th edition of the theatre and dance festival Bazaar in Prague will take place from 14th to 18th March 2019 in Prague. It will present outstanding performances and short excerpts from the upcoming performances from Central and Eastern Europe, accompanied by the Near East artists for the first time.

The festival will open by the performance Grace by the internationally acknowledged company Hodworks, managed by notable European choreographer Adrienn Hód. Saturday Bazaar, the showcase of emerging projects, will offer the production of eccentric performer and musician Ivo Dimchev with his performance I-Cure. Two final festival days will be dedicated to the performance Rapture and Rage by the German company LIGNA. It will ask a question whether and why authoritarian regimes are such an enticing solution in the time of the crisis. The performer of the whole event is the audience dominating the stage.

“The topic of this year’s Bazaar Festival will be dealing with threats and unanswered questions inside people and society: from suppressed inner emotions to big social changes endangering freedom inside and outside the European region. Is it possible to turn the course of history and heal the society? Are some of the threats rooted in all of us? Audience can look forward to five intensive days full of imaginative and daring productions,” says the programming director of the festival Ewan McLaren.