Prague Quadrennial to return to Výstaviště in June 2019

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The Prague Quadrennial 2019 will return to the Výstaviště grounds to enliven the Industrial Palace and the grounds after 12 years. The 14th edition of the biggest international showcase of performance design and space will take place from 6th to 16th June 2019. One of the most important events in Czech culture, which has been mapping the most recent trends in scenography and theatre architecture, will present three topics: Imagination, Transformation and Memory.

PQ 2019 will cover three competitive exhibitions: Exhibition of Countries and Regions, Student Exhibition and Performance Space Architecture Exhibition. The Czech Republic will be represented at the Exhibition of Countries and Regions by CAMP Q – the coproduction project of three theatres: LETÍ Theatre, Tygr v tísni and the South Bohemian Theatre. The winner of the Prague Quadrennial student exhibition is the INTELEKTRURÁLNĚ collective, assembled by scenography students at JAMU, Brno.

“After long 12 years the Prague Quadrennial returns to places closely connected with its history. Even the very first edition took place here in 1967. Apart from various spatial options the vast area of Výstaviště and the Industrial Palace offer for exhibitions, we are looking for the park in the neighborhood and relaxed atmosphere,” says the PQ artistic director Markéta Fantová. Výstaviště in Prague, which was originally built for the General Land Centennial Exhibition in 1891, is dominated by the Industrial Palace designed by architects Bedřich Münzberger and František Prášil. The Prague Quadrennial took place here in 1995, 1999, 2003 and 2007. In 2008 the left wing of the Industrial Palace burnt down, and other PQ editions moved to the Trade Fair Palace or the historical city center.

The concept of the following year of the PQ is inspired by the Golden Triga sculpture, i.e. the main prize traditionally awarded for the best exhibition at the PQ. “For us, Triga is a metaphor of three different forces coming together to make one leading to a common goal, and refers to the importance of close cooperation, which, thanks to collaboration of various abilities and talents, leads to results an individual can hardly accomplish. We will examine three various and cyclically repeating stages of a creative process: Imagination, Transformation and Memory,” explains the PQ 2019 artistic director Markéta Fantová. Imagination will include Student Exhibition – the exhibition of works by students, young stage designers and new stage design studios, the site-specific festival, the programme for emerging theatremakers PQ studio and programme for families with children. Transformation will include the Exhibition of Countries and Regions, Performance Space Architecture Exhibition, the Formation project bringing together architecture, urbanism, dance and motion theatre, the 36Q° programme about light and sound design, and a series of presentations, lectures and discussions PQ Talks. Memory will include the exhibition Fragments. The Emergence project is a cross-section of all the projects.

PQ 2019 will also include the PQ+ programme. The goal of the PQ+ programme is to present contemporary Czech performing arts with the emphasis on stage design to international professionals and PQ 2019 guests. The programme includes various forms of presentation, such as productions, performances, immersive, interactive and adventure events, compositions and other formats of presentation of works from the fields of theatre, dance, music, light design and sound design associated with the field and/or topics of stage design.