It has been 60 years since the first premiere in the Drak Theatre

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On Saturday, February 16, the Drak Theatre in Hradec Králové staged the performance How Daddies Play directed by Josef Krofta, which took place exactly 60 years from the first premiere. The first premiere was staged on February 16, 1959 and it was Karel Dryml’s Magical Slippers

The Drak Theatre was founded in 1958 in Hradec Králové in East Bohemia and it opened on February 16, 1959. It was originally called the East Bohemian Puppet Theatre. The word drak appeared in the name of the theatre in 1968, which started to draw audience’s attention in the late 1960s. The theatre is based on the Czech puppet tradition and is one of the outstanding Czech puppet stages. Drak underpinned its position in 1992 by launching the International Institute of Figurative Theatre, the place where local and international puppeteers can meet. Since 2010 there has been the possibility to try how a theatre production is made in the Drak Theatre Labyrinth.