Czech literature and drama at the Leipzig Book Fair

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The Leipzig Book Fair is undoubtedly one of the most significant world festivities regarding literature and book culture in and beyond Europe. The main country of this year’s edition is the Czech Republic. The Czech Republic will present the new generation of Czech authors – there will be more than 60 of them with their new translations into German.

New Czech books include 33 novels, 10 collections of poems, 5 popular science books, 3 books for children and the youth, 2 comic books, 2 theatre anthologies and Czech literature classics. New translations also concern authors German-speaking readers are familiar with, such as Jaroslav Rudiš, Radka Denemarková, Jáchym Topol, Pavel Kohout and others. As far as the programme at the Leipzig Book Fair is concerned, visitors can attend 130 events. One of them is a presentation of a special issue of Theater der Zeit Spezial magazine on March 23, 2019, which is dedicated to contemporary Czech theatre, prepared by the Arts and Theatre Institute and the editorial board, as well as to anthologies of contemporary Czech plays translated into German. The highlight of the evening will be stage reading of Petr Zelenka’s Job Interviews (Vera), a talk show with the author and book signing with catering.