Archa Theatre to be in the main programme of the Avignon festival

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After 17 years the Archa Theatre is to become the Czech stage whose production has been selected to be part of the main programme of the international theatre showcase in Avignon, France. In the final week on July 16-23 Archa will stage seven re-runs of Ordinary People. The documentary theatre production is a joint project of the Archa Theatre and the independent Chinese company Living Dance Studio in Beijing.

The festival in Avignon with the tradition extending to 70 years is one of the biggest festivals in the world. The center of the Avignon Festival is the courtyard of the Palace of the Popes with monumental space seating 2,000 viewers, which is enlisted in UNESCO. Ordinary People directed by Jana Svobodová with Wen Chuej’s choreography combines the principles of documentary theatre and dance. The production compares stories of people in both countries and monitors important milestones in their history.