PQ+ offers diversity in understanding performing arts and scenography

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PQ+ offers the audiences a programme of contemporary performing arts with focus on scenography. Visitors will have the opportunity to attend Czech and international productions in experimental and physical theatre, dance, performance and installations, as well as exhibitions or guided tours. PQ+ offers also visits of outstanding centers for contemporary progressive and interdisciplinary art in Prague.

The PQ+ program is organized by the Arts and Theatre Institute as part of the 14th Prague Quadrennial (PQ) and as part of international cooperation activities and promotion of contemporary performing arts. PQ+ presents to audiences not only Czech performing arts productions accentuating contemporary scenography, but also, for the first time, the work of international artists. In response to an open call announced by the ATI, many inspiring projects, such as productions, performances, immersive, interactive and unusual events, exhibitions, compositions and other formats of presentation of theatre, dance, music, light/sound design associated with the discipline and/or the topic of stage design applied for the programme. The programme, compiled with the participation of the PerformCzech Dramaturgical Board and the PQ artistic team, primarily presents productions in the fields of interdisciplinary and physical theatre, dance, performances and installations, as well as exhibitions and guided tours. All productions are either free of language barriers or have English interpretation or subtitles. Visitors have the opportunity to visit outstanding centers for contemporary progressive and experimental art in Prague, such as A Studio Rubín, , Alfred in the Courtyard Theatre, Archa Theatre, DOX Centre for Contemporary Art, Karlín Barracks, La Fabrika, New Stage of the National Theatre, NoD Roxy, Punctum, Studio ALTA, Ponec – dance venue, Studio hrdinů or Venuše ve Švehlovce. Czech Centre Gallery, Italian Culture Institute Prague, The City of Prague Museum, Prague Creative Centre and Chvaly Chateau provide their premises for the PQ+ programme as well.

One of the programme highlights in PQ+ is The Night in the City performance which features three productions by the Theatre Studio Farm in the Cave Whistleblowers, Together Forever! and Refuge. During this all-night experience the audience will also be invited to explore the unique premises of the DOX Centre for Contemporary Art. The Tanec Praha festival included in its program a special Czech dance focus which offers 8 productions by renowned figures of current Czech dance scene, such as Viktor Černický, Věra Ondrašíková and Barbora Látalová. The PQ+ programme also presents other outstanding Czech companies like ME-SA and VerTeDance. The theatre production Address to Nation that deals with themes such as the contemporary world, its contradictions and its invisible corners was prepared by the director Petra Tejnorová at the National Theatre and the production Brothel L‘Amour by the Depressive Children Long for Money company brings a special interactive theatre experience. The recommended parts of the PQ+ programme are also Jan Mocek’s performance Shadow Meadow, Noon and The WARdrobe productions by Continuo Theatre or Warriot Ideal’s The Depths. Another interesting work is Yellow Darkness/Vektroskop – a colorful melodrama where light becomes a musical instrument that takes us to unknown worlds is promised in the production. The PQ+ programme also includes three exhibitions of Czech puppets and theatre photography.

For locations and tickets visit please bit.ly/PQplus2019.


Contact: Department of International Cooperation ATI
Martina Pecková Černá: martina.peckova-cerna@idu.cz