Letní Letná’s most recent star skillfully combines acrobatics and singing

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Both strong and fragile, tough and graceful, sometimes dark and entwined by gentle humor… The most recent production of the Belgian company Théâtre d’Un Jour, which is going to be presented in summer at the Letní Letná festival, will literally get under your skin and memories will stay in viewers’ minds long after they leave the tent smiling.

Three acrobats from the Théâtre d’Un Jour company return after 8 years since their last triumph here. Having been part of Compagnie XY in 2011, they enthralled local audiences with their acrobatic performances, graceful pirouettes, somersaults, and seemingly never-ending human pyramids. In their new production A Fear Song, they invited the soprano Julie Calbete, whose singing accompanies the performance and provides it with a completely new dimension. The director and artistic director Patrick Masset managed to naturally interconnect the art of acrobatics, (opera) singing, dance and theatre.

Théâtre d’Un Jour is yet another star at Letní Letná, apart from the previously announced Cirque Alfonse from Canada, Cirque Aïtal from France and the PDF Project, a unique group of 13 female artists. The 16th edition of the international festival Letní Letná will take place between August 14 and September 1 and will present Czech audience with the rich world of contemporary circus in its various shapes.

Letní Letná will welcome popular Canadian bearded men again: they will bring their daring new performance Tabarnak. “It is something like a contemporary circus fiesta, music rising to clouds. It is an invitation to a gathering, celebrating of heaven and hell and everything in between,” acrobats from Cirque Alfonse describe Tabarnak and invite everybody to an anarchist-poetic “stations of the cross” full of humor, hyperboles and live music.

Cirque Aïtal or Viktor Cathala and Kati Pikkarainen will present their most recent performance Saison du Cirque (Circus Season). Viewers will have the opportunity to visit the world in which traditional circus meets the contemporary one. A unique show interconnecting many styles and talents from all around the world: from the Kanak brothers from east Siberia, who fly in the air with astonishing lightness, to the Swedish juggler Matias Salmenaho, whose art contradicts gravity, to the talented voltigeur and horse acrobat Ludovic Baladin. And, of course, Viktor and Kati, who are the actual personification of contemporary circus.

Letní Letná will also see the group of female performers Europe has not seen before! Acrobats based in leading French contemporary circus companies will bring a unique performance PDF Project, with audiences of Letní Letná being one of the few with the opportunity to see it outside France. Seventeen women on the stage portray an eclectic universe with colorful aesthetics. They mix various kinds of acrobatics and theatre. They play a festive, explosive, playful, yet risky performance, which does not definitely let you fall asleep.