Evald Schorm Awards ruled by original plays

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The Evald Schorm Award for the original play, dramatization or translation (of a play which has not been translated into Czech) is designed for students and is linked to a financial reward for the author (or a collective). The award is given out every year based on nominations.

Any natural person can suggest a nomination, but it concerns mostly teachers and students of the above-mentioned schools and theatre professionals. The main aim is support and motivation of young authors and translators in their authorial work. Hence the works of emerging authors can enter the theatre context in a wider scope than in academia. Together with the Alfréd Radok Award, the Evald Schorm Award has become a prestigious prize, which is acknowledged both internationally and in the Czech Republic. This year’s nominations for the Evald Schorm Award, given out by DILIA since 2001, were mostly original authorial plays, with three of them ending up in the final round. However, DILIA decided not to provide the first and third prize. The second prize went to three winners: Tereza Agelová from JAMU, Brno wither play Like You, Mom, Tomáš Loužný from DAMU, Prague with his play Our Home and Štěpán Vranešic from JAMU for the play The Indian Princess.