The South Bohemian Theatre celebrates 100 years

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On May 31 the exhibition 100 years of the South Bohemian Theatre The Miracle Room began in the South Bohemian Museum and will last until the end of October. The first part depicts crucial moments, personalities and documents. The second one is more related to adventure as the viewers may try to experience theatre jobs. There will be small black rooms in the hall and after entering, one can become familiar with the work of a stage designer, director, costume, light or sound designer. The celebrations also include a trailer, in which the puppeteer Matěj Kopecký travelled, hiding a sound installation.

The South Bohemian Theatre in České Budějovice is a multi-company theatre with the drama, ballet and opera company, as well as the Small Theatre company. The theatre also operates the revolving stage in Český Krumlov, this year’s season was launched on June 5.