The 7th Theatre Night focuses on the 30th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution

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The third night in November will belong to the Theatre Night again, which has just opened the registration for companies and theatres. The 7th edition with the topic of “Theatre and Freedom” will take place on 16th November 2019, on the eve of the Velvet Revolution anniversary. Theatres will offer non-traditional events, such as night tours, adventure games, theatre workshops, thematic discussions and lectures, exhibitions and performances – for free or for a symbolic entrance fee. The event coordinator is the Arts and Theatre Institute.

The biggest theatre holiday in Europe will offer unusual experiences, which are prepared for this occasion every year. This year’s Theatre Night will be dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution. Remembering the political changes in Central and Eastern Europe, whose initiator was theatre (among others), appeals to looking back to ideals and hopes of the 1990s. The seventh edition of the theatre event counts with discussion formats with the witnesses and participants in social and political changes after 1989, as well as lectures, exhibitions, installations, performances and other events related to the topic Theatre and Freedom.

Since the beginning of this year, the Czech Theatre Night has been involved in the international theatre audience research, thanks to the financial support from the Creative Europe programme. The main coordinator of the ASSET (Audience Segmentation System in European Theatres) project is the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, which implements it in coordination with the Arts and Theatre Institute and partners from five other European countries. Four theatres in Prague, as well as other theatres in European cities, are part of an extensive survey, with the aim to know audiences and their needs better. Data about audiences in Prague are collected by Jatka78, National Theatre, Švandovo Theatre and Studio DVA, which (have) participated in the Theatre Night in the Czech Republic. The project also hosted a symposium, which took place in February this year in the cradle of the European Theatre Night, Narodno sveučilište Dubrava in Croatia.

The Theatre night is part of the international project European Theatre Night, which started in Croatia in 2008 by Noc Kazališta. The idea of a shared theatre holiday has spread among more than ten European countries. Last year there were 40 thousand visitors in 109 participating institutions from 30 towns in the Czech Republic. Prague saw 52 participating theatres and companies. The Czech Theatre Night, which has been established in 2013, is thus the biggest project of the European Theatre Night.