The programme of this year’s international ProART Festival places the bet on dance, theatre, concerts, and reading for the general public

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The 16th edition of the ProART Festival will reach five historical towns, in which it offers a summer multi-genre programme in art workshops and evening performances for both general public and professionals.

Dance is represented in the works by Israeli choreographers Lital Netzer Ben Horin and Daphny Horenczyk, Brazilian dancer Andressa Miyazato – the solo dancer of Landestheater Linz, the South Korean dance companies Dance Traveler and Dance Trupe Braveman, and the German company Phase Zero Productions. Czech companies are represented by Martin Talaga with his choreography Faunus and the host ProART Company with projects like Disrupted Lives and the dance theatre Where the Wind Dances, dedicated to the 100th birthday of poet Jiří Orten, starring Daniel Krejčík.

The theatre genre is defined by the projects related to theatre improvisation IMPRA and the brand new production Fags directed by Petr Serge Butko. The performance Ema Destinn_Storm and Peace can be described as music theatre, which is going to be staged in the Tugendhat Villa in Brno and will merge opera, theatre, and dance.

The festival also features concerts, such as evenings with the legendary songwriter Jaroslav Hutka, musical star Lukáš Janota, singer Naďa Válová, songwriter and poet Jakub Čermák aka Cermaque, violinist and singer Gabriela Vermelho, or the music duo of Mr and Mrs Havel, the winners of the Czech Lion award for music for the movie Křižáček.

The ProART festival has always focused on the multi-genre range and blending of art disciplines. Workshops focusing on dance, singing, acting, writing, and photography will offer 30 teachers and the evening programme also includes student evenings of workshop participants. It is the first time the festival in Jičín has been located in the Wallenstein Loggia, Plzeň hosts the second edition in Moving Station, Brno is represented by the Governor’s Palace, Goose on the String’s CED and the Tugendhat Villa. Mikulov in South Moravia will open the door of the National Theatre and Valtice will locate the festival in the chateau and the baroque theatre.

  • JIČÍN, Wallenstein Loggia July 6 - 8
  • PLZEŇ, Moving Station July 10 - 13
  • BRNO, Governor’s Palace July 14 - 21
  • VALTICE, Chateau July 22 - 27
  • MIKULOV, National House July 28 - 30