Eva Kröschlová has passed away

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Eva Kröschlová, the dancer, choreographer and teacher, died at the age of 92 on June 10, 2019.

The Czech dancer, teacher, choreographer and theoretician Eva Kröschlová was born on 13 December 1926 in Prague. She was in close contact with dance thanks to her mother Jarmila Kröschlová, the leading representative of contemporary dance and the graduate from the Ja ques-Dalcroze school. Eva Kröschlová’s father was German, the associate professor of art history at the university in Halle.

Eva was educated in dance in mother’s school, in which she became an outstanding member of her company since 1939 and also a teacher in 1947 – 1949. Since 1952 she was teaching folk and historical dance, rhythmical education and stage movement at the Theatre Faculty, Academy of Performing Arts in Prague.

She worked with a number of companies and theatres as a choreographer. In the 1960s she worked with the Jiří Srnec Black Light Theatre and regularly worked with Otomar Krejča in the Theatre behind the Gate.

She wrote books Polka (1961), Tance osmi století (1963), Pohybové etudy (1963), Hudební výchova pohybem (1969), Kontratance různých končin (1979), Dobové tance 16. – 19. století, skupinové formy (1981), Kapitoly z dějin tance v Dějinách umělecké kultury (1989) and many others.

Since 1985 she taught historical dances at the International Summer School of Early Music in Kroměříž and Valtice. In 1995 – 2000 she worked with the renaissance dance group La Fiamma with regular programmes in the Wallenstein Garden.

Since 2000 she led her dance company Chorea Historica Since 1996 she was an honorable member of the Rosalie Chladek Company in Vienna and she received the Thalia Award – Special Collegium Award in 2014.