Mime Mission festival in Švanda Theatre

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17–19 October 2019! An unusual showcase of pantomime performed by Radim Vizváry and his guests.

It is going to offer three most successful performances of Mime Prague company – Solo, VIP and Paperboy. The famous Australian duo Umbilical Brothers and a shooting star of German pantomime Jannis Eggelsmann will present the non-Czech aspect of the genre. The bonus of the showcase is the evening show Mime Collection with Radim Vizváry, foreign guests, and other artists and companies. Eight performances prepared for this evening in particular will offer a wide scale of production, representing contemporary mimic and non-verbal theatre, which is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for those who like pantomime as well as for those who are in the process of discovering it. The cast of the evening show Mime Collection: Michaela Stará, Filip Zahradnický, Mates Petrák & Jindřich Panský, Anton Eliaš & Lukáš Šimon, Trygve Wakenshaw, Jannis Eggelsmann and Umbilical Brothers

Michaela Stará (CZ): Ping Pongue
A dance performance, merging the Vogue dance style and the elements of juggling with table tennis balls.
Michaela’s work is unique, it connects various street dance styles and the elements of pantomime and contemporary circus.

Filip Zahradnický (CZ): Vermilion
A unique performance merging original juggling features, puppets, movement, and an original attitude of our leading juggler, who graduated from The Academy of Modern Circus (AMoC) in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Jindřich Panský & Mates Petrák (CZ): Repre
From pantomime to acrobatics, or how would it look like the other way round? Jindřich is a universal performer of contemporary circus, who excels in acrobatic performances. Mates is a talented mime and acrobat. Both are members of Losers Cirque Company and they cooperate to develop acrobatics related to acting.

Anton Eliaš & Lukáš Šimon (SK): Sugar and Stick
A comic pantomime performance about two robots, who cannot serve anyone any longer, so they entertain themselves. A short excerpt from the performance Robo Erectus vol. II will be presented by Anton and Lukáš, who rank among the most distinctive mimes of the new Slovak generation.

Filip Hajduk (SK): Improbalans
Filip Hajduk is a juggler and clown, who specializes in balance techniques. Both small and oversized objects on the chin or head have become a routine for him, so he pushes his skills beyond understanding, and he surprises viewers and himself in a funny way.

Trygve Wakenshaw (NZL): Nautilus
A mime and comedian from New Zealand, who draws attention by his contemporary perception of pantomime. Trygve will present several parts from his internationally successful show Nautilus and will surprise us with his sexy pantomimic striptease.

Jannis Eggelsmann (D)
Jannis Eggelsmann is a German shooting star and mime. He attended pantomime lessons at prestigious Die Etage in Berlin. His excellent technique lies in merging classic pantomime and street dance.

Umbilical Brothers (AUS)
International comic stars, connecting vocal and physical abilities with the mixture of pantomime, comedy and stand-up. The famous duo comes to Prague with the performance The Best of The Worst of The Best, which takes place at the Švanda Theatre on October 19, 2019. It will be a unique trailer at the Mime Collection.

More information: https://svandovodivadlo.cz/repertoar/festivaly/126/mime-mission