AKCENT Festival in Archa Theatre

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Adventure installations, interactive stage events, documentary theatre performances… there are extremely interesting things going on in the Archa Theatre from 26 October to 2 December! The 9th edition of the international festival of documentary theatre AKCENT brings inspiring view of various shapes of performing arts, aiming at essential issues of our time. And it does so in a very attractive way for audiences.

This year’s festival programme also includes the successful Czech-Chinese production Ordinary People, which returns to the Archa stage in only two re-runs this year. Other people involved are the director and performer Sláva Daubnerová, VOSTO5 company, CAMPO Theatre, the gaming performance Virtual Ritual with urbanist Osamu Okamura, and other noteworthy artists.

The performance of the documentary theatre Ordinary People, the encounter of Czech and Chinese lives on one stage, was created as a coproduction of the independent Beijing Theatre Living Dance Studio and Archa Theatre, directed by Jana Svobodová and Chinese choreographer Wen Hui. Czech and Chinese artists combine personal stories, music, dance, video art and light design before the audience’s eyes on the constantly changing state. After positive reception at festivals in Avignon and the showcase Festival d´Autumne in Paris, Czech audiences have the possibility to see the production Ordinary People in only two re-runs in Archa on November 15 and at the Theatre Night on November 16.

A banal story of growing antipathy among people was the source of inspiration for Solo lamentoso, whose author is the Slovak director and performer Sláva Daubnerová. The conceptual experimenter connects authenticity and documentary traits, which were the basis for the production on 25 November with documentary, motion and visually designed theatre features.

The production of the documentary theatre Ishá, The Woman Who... was created in a small Portuguese village in cooperation with the locals. The informal collective of young Portuguese theatremakers deals with the topic of woman’s role across generations – on 28 November on the stage of Archa Theatre.

The Nauru inhabitants in the Pacific mined money-making phosphates as well as all fertile soil, thus they have to live on running refugee camps for migrants banished from Australia. The authentic testimony of young Flemish authors/performers Silke Huysmans and Hannes Dereere, who visited and explored the area, will be performed on 29 November as Pleasant Island by CAMPO Theatre.

What is the relation of today’s generation of Cuban revolutionaries’ grandchildren to myth and reality? AKCENT in cooperation with Hellerau Theatre in Dresden will present Stefan Kaegi and Rimini Protokoll’s new production Granma. Trombones from Havana on 30 November. It links family histories and socio-political issues of changing Cuba nowadays. The audience will go by bus to Hellerau to see the performance.

Spielraum Kollektiv will present their interactive theatre event MyVision, in which children will have a free hand in broadcasting TV news. The Archa Theatre will turn into a place of act on 22 and 23 November and children in the age of 8-12 will have a chance to see the TV backstage and create the content.

The adventure installation with screenings and sound, simulating the feelings of participants at the biggest revolutionary demonstrations in November 1989 will be staged by VOSTO5 company for this year’s edition of AKCENT. Audiences will have the opportunity to experience revolutionary ethos through Velvet Simulation: Tribute on 26 and 27 November. There will be also workshops and graphic workshops in the theatre foyer.

Jan Mocek and his gaming performance Virtual Ritual will invite the audiences in the parallel world of online videogame. Urbanist Osamu Okamura, Youtuber Atlet, photographer and gamer Adéla Vosičková – three performers will create an expert gaming panel on 1 and 2 December in Archa to reveal virtual and real rituals, which keep shaping the apparently weightless world of video games.