Theatre Newspaper Awards for 2018/2019

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The editorial board of the Theatre Newspaper appointed a jury (members of the Theatre Newspaper Society, journalists, permanent and essential contributors, other approached people), who decided about the laureates in two rounds: in the first written round, each juror could nominate three works in each category, and the simple total specified the longlist (if some works received the same number of points, all those with the same number were longlisted), the second oral round decided about the winner after a discussion.


Theatre Newspaper Award laureates in the season 2018/2019



  • Ivan Buraj for directing the piece Maloměšťáci/Provincials, HaDivadlo, Brno, premiere on 13 December 2018

Alternative theatre

  • Jan Nebeský for directing the work Pustina/Wasteland, Jedl Theatre Company, X10, Prague, premiere on 18 October 2018

Music theatre

  • Jiří Heřman and Robert Kružík for Libuše, National Theatre Brno, Brno Exhibition Grounds, premiere 7 September 2018

Dance and motion theatre

  • Jiří Kylián for choreography of Kylián – Bridges of Time, National Theatre, Prague, premiere 11 October 2018

Puppet and visual theatre

  • Michaela Homolová for directing Choo. Choo. Whistle. Woof!, Naïve Theatre Liberec, premiere 16 March 2019

Publication act in theatre

  • Bohuslav Blažek: Theatres in Civilization Changes, Pražská scéna 2018

Performance of the season regardless of the genre

  • Lucie Trmíková for the role of Anna in Bergman on Bergman, Jedl Theatre Company, X10, Praha, premiere 28 November 2018