Czech Theatre DNA awards have been given away, the ten-day-long festival has started

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The Association of Independent Theatres, director Jakub Čermák and Depressive Children Longing for Money company, and X10 Theatre won the Czech Theatre DNA awards for exceptional feat in new theatre. The award for the long-term contribution, development and support of new theatre went to World and Theatre magazine and the award for exceptional support and presentation of Czech culture abroad went to the chair of the civic association Tanec Praha Yvona Kreuzmannová.

The award ceremony for Czech Theatre DNA takes place every two years as a demonstration of respect to outstanding figures and opened the 18th Malá inventura festival at Studio Hrdinů on Friday. The hosts of the biennial awards Czech Theatre DNA were Sára Arnstein and Jiří Šimek from Ufftenživot company. “We could not have hoped for a better opening. Apart from the ceremony award, we can do the check of how we are doing. And that does not happen frequently,” said Adriana Světlíková, the director of the Malá inventura festival. “It is good to hold up the mirror to us but also to let other people peek into it,” she added.

The theatre festival Malá inventura will offer 50 performances at more than 20 venues in Prague. The festival, which is going to last ten days for the first time in the eighteen-year-long history, will present over 90 events. It does not only offer theatre productions, but it will also become the center of live networking of theatre organizations and professionals, art companies, performers, and the general public. “One of the Malá inventura’s goals is to present new theatre to the public. Yet meetings and connecting theatre professionals are equally precious. There will be more than one hundred Czech and international guests coming this year,” said Světlíková, the festival director.

The main festival program is traditionally divided into several sections. Local stages will present theatre companies representing the works of 13 festival’s home stages. The section New Blood will see students and talented emerging artists. The section Migratory Birds, which are companies with no permanent stage, will host the performance Medusa by choreographer Marie Gourdain. The well-established projects from Czech and international artists at independent stages in Prague will be part of Residents projects.

The festival will present works by Petr Forman, Spitfire Company, theatre company JEDL (Nebeský, Trmíková, Prachař), Teatr Novogo Fronta, and many others. The program will be scattered all around Prague, such as Archa Theatre, Alta Studio, DOX, Venuše ve Švehlovce or Alfred ve Dvoře, as well as MeetFactory or the Werich Villa. Malá inventura will continue in networking among independent art stages in Prague and Berlin in the Pralin project.